Las Vegas Sin City Stories

Entering The World Of Strip Clubs:  Olympic Gardens Las Vegas

In certain places around the world the people of those specific regions practice different ways of bringing their boys into their adulthood era. The Jews have the Bar Mitzvah, some Africans tie the boy up to a tree until he’s writing in pain, and the Americans… Well, let’s just say that out of all the traditions, they have the most fun and the most colorful one to date.

There is no pain to suffer you dont have to hold your dick in your pants until you get married. Actually its quite the contrary to all that. If all the countries in the world followed in the steps of what the americans do this world would be a huge rush for more boys to wanna grow up faster!

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Yes, we’re talking about how the boys get to finally experience life and see the light by going to a las vegas strip joint. Yep, you read that right! The american boys get to enjoy and experience the amazing talents of god created creatures of beauty. The get to feast their eyes on beautiful faces, breasts and ass. Bouncing all over the place like a trampoline. They get to enjoy to sensation that comes with drinking alcohol for the first time.

So, for all you boys… *ahem* men… entering the world of strip clubs, thongs, and Brazilian waxing, here are some rules to follow while the ladies are trying to push it, push it real good:

RULE 1: AVOID SWEATPANTS: Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas

Avoid Sweatpants

Nothing says that you are an idiot any louder than when you decide to put on a pair of sweatpants and where thm to a strip club in las vegas like the crazy horse in las vegas. You dont come from the show jersey shores so why would you wanna put out that impression. Girls in a strip club will look at you with total disgust! Make a great first impression by wearing very nice fashionable clothes. The girls are all dressed uup for you so you might as well try and retun the favor!

Thinking Girls Are Hookers: Las Vegas Escorts

It is true many strip clubs in las vegas have girls that work there that have pimps and solicit acts of prostituion for money. But this is not the case will al the girls so please do not go to the strip club and ask 10 different girls if they can gie you a blowjob and let you fuck for money. It’s illegal and can get you in trouble as well as the girl who decides to partake in the interaction. If you eant a steamy night than give these best las vegas escorts service a call. They’ll take good care of you i promise!

The Art Of Getting a Deal On Escort Ad Sites

Ask For Deals: Houston Escorts

Don’t be afraid to try to work a deal for yourself. There are several ways to approach getting a better price on an ad site.

Ask the site’s support staff some of the following qustions either on the phone or via email. You may not be able to get a package deal, but it never hurts to try. The worst you can hear is a “no”.

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1. Do you offer a free trial period for new advertisers?

2. Do you offer discount if I pay for multiple months at a time

3. Do you offer a free ad with with banner or feature placement?

Better Ad Placements: San Francisco Escorts

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When looking at advanced dvertising placement is all-important. Prominent placement may cost you more money; however it’s worth it. If you pay for multiple months at a time you are likely to be offered a discount that will help compensate for the cost of top placement.

There are several types of advanced – “feautured” – advertising. I apologize in advanceif my exlanation is simplistic, but it’s important that you know what you are getting. “banner placement” refers to rectangular photo banner you see when you open the main page of a site. You will typically see banners on the main page and they come in different sizes. A full size banner is typically 468×60 pixels in size. A smaller version, like those you see running down the side of a column are usually 120×68.

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A “featured ad” is very similar to a banner. A feautured entertainer can be found spotlighted on the front page of the entire website or on the front page of your city.  The ad will be labeled something to the effect of “Featured Entertainer” and is designed to stand out. Also there is a tiered structure. lets say there is 6 rows on the site, tier 1 would be the firt five spots in the row and so on. Obviuosly the higher you are ranked the more traffic you and sales you will get.